The most trusted outsourced Housekeeping company for top hotel collections and privately owned hotels throughout the UK

Staff training

Hotelcare offers a range of fully-trained staff including Room Attendants, Housekeepers, Public Area Cleaners, Linen Porters and more. We offer meaningful career progression along with the opportunity for all employees to join our Team Leader qualification Apprenticeship scheme.

Part of your team

Hotelcare provides a consistently reliable service at all times, improving hotel cleanliness and standards through highly organised structures and processes. Our longstanding relationships with clients have allowed us to nurture successful working partnerships, and we work towards becoming a natural extension to the in-house team.


Hotelcare pride ourselves on providing consistently high quality services and being the supplier of choice for top hotel chains, independently owned sites and franchises across the UK.

Employer of choice

At Hotelcare we work hard to create an inclusive environment where our employees feel supported and valued for the work they do.
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Let’s discuss your free consultation

Hotelcare will undertake a full assessment of your housekeeping needs and tailor our offering to suit your budget, including providing staff at a level deemed suitable for your need. If you would like us to assess your individual needs, please contact us below:


We at Hotelcare are fully committed to providing quality services and are constantly working to provide the best value for our clients.

Our wide range of staff include:


Room attendants

Public area cleaners


Linen porters

Floor supervisors

Why choose Hotelcare?

Hotelcare’s commitment is to provide a professional service carried out by thoroughly trained staff. This dedication has led to long-standing relationships with top hotel chains and brands as well as privately owned franchises and stand-alone properties across the UK.

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